Projects using Senpy

Are you using Senpy in your work?, we would love to hear from you! Here is a list of on-going and past projects that have benefited from senpy:


MixedEmotions develops innovative multilingual multi-modal Big Data analytics applications. The analytics relies on a common toolbox for multi-modal sentiment and emotion analysis. The NLP parts of the toolbox are based on senpy and its API.

The toolbox is featured in this publication:

Buitelaar, P., Wood, I. D., Arcan, M., McCrae, J. P., Abele, A., Robin, C., … Tummarello, G. (2018).
MixedEmotions: An Open-Source Toolbox for Multi-Modal Emotion Analysis.
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia.


The aim of the EUROSENTIMENT project was to create a pool for multilingual language resources and services for Sentiment Analysis.

The EuroSentiment project was the main motivation behind the development of Senpy, and some early versions were used:

Sánchez-Rada, J. F., Vulcu, G., Iglesias, C. A., & Buitelaar, P. (2014).
EUROSENTIMENT: Linked Data Sentiment Analysis.
Proceedings of the ISWC 2014 Posters & Demonstrations Track
13th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2014) (Vol. 1272, pp. 145–148).


SoMeDi is an ITEA3 project to research machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques that can be used to turn digital interaction data into Digital Interaction Intelligence and approaches that can be used to effectively enter and act in social media, and to automate this process. SoMeDi exploits senpy’s interoperability of services in their customizable data enrichment and NLP workflows.


TRIVALENT is an EU funded project which aims to a better understanding of root causes of the phenomenon of violent radicalisation in Europe in order to develop appropriate countermeasures, ranging from early detection methodologies to techniques of counter-narrative.

In addition to sentiment and emotion analysis services, trivalent provides other types of senpy services such as radicalism and writing style analysis.